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August 7, 2009 - Freedom Concert San Diego, CA, with the Charlie Daniels Band and Carruthers Guitars!

Bruce Brown of the Charlie Daniels Band contacted Carruthers Guitars to see if we had a CSA he could check out.  He had heard many great things about it from other great musicians; Bruce's purpose was to get an all-inclusive guitar that sounds great, looks great, plays great, and feels great.  Rising to the challenge, John and Rick finished off a spruce top CSA modeled after Robben Ford's vintage 335 for Bruce to check out.  Arriving long before the concert, we had a chance to catch up with our great friend Charlie Hayward (Bassist for CDB) and talk about all the great trips the CDB had taken to benefit our troops, and what the concerts were about.  The "Sean Hannity Freedom Concerts" benefit those children whose parents were either killed or severely injured during military duty, and of course the CDB sprang into action.  Additionally, the Charlie Daniels Band also has made numerous trips to Iraq and other military outposts to entertain the troops.  Click on the "Charlie Daniels Band" picture for their website, and on the "Hannity" picture for the remaining freedom concerts for this summer!

Now back to the CSA we had built for Robben Ford.  Pre-show, Bruce played it, asked many questions and - when it came to showtime - played it through the entire appearance!  The only other backup guitar he had with him on stage was a 60's Fender Strat.  Now that is called trusting a Carruthers Guitar, having never played it until a short while before the show!  He immediately noticed that the guitar was very responsive, and the tones were clear, concise, and stood out througout the appearance.  After the show, Bruce's techs came up to him and told him that it was the best sounding guitar they've heard him play!  Charlie Daniels and Charlie Hayward both also commented how the guitar cut through and stood out!  All in all Bruce was very happy, and we're now waiting on his neck dimensions to finish one off for him!

As for the Charlie Daniels Band (Bruce, Charlie Daniels, Charlie Hayward, Chris (Guitarist), Pat (Drummer), and Taz (Keys) - you couldn't meet a better bunch of people.  They treated us like Royalty with Backstage passes (and parking!!), a great Dinner, and of course, Great Music!  Additionally, we met some great friends of theirs with whom we'll be friends with for a long time to come.  We thank everyone for their service to our country, and we thank the Charlie Daniels Band for THEIR service to our country and its troops.

Here are some cool picture galleries of our visit with the great Charlie Daniels Band! Click on the links below:

Sean Hannity at pre-concert Fox News interviews
YOUTUBE Video of Hannity at the Show:
Bruce Brown checking out the Carruthers CSA in the Private Suites
Charlie Daniels Band Live!
Hannity Joins CDB for "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"
Charlie Daniels Meet and Greet; signs Rick's Operation Enduring Freedom Hat
Charlie Hayward checks out CSA after the show