Here are various pictures of folks picking up their new Carruthers Guitars, and other Carruthers Guitars pictures.

A new CSA CB5 for David Chavez Dan Mackenzie with ACS Daniel Chai Dave Diamant 57 Strat Justin Smith
A newly
finished CSA!
CB5 built for David Chavez. Dan Mackenzie
and his ACS.
Daniel Chai
owns an ACN.
Dave Diamant
picks up a
restored '57.
Justin Smith
gets his own T6.
Lee Ritenour Lindsey Buckinham and an ACSB Little Feat and Steve Mike Rosenblum Mike Sims. and his S6 Roger Knight and his lefty CSA
Lee Ritenour loves
the ACN.
Lindsey Buckingham and his ACS6 Baritone. Steve Suveg handles Little Feat's Mandolin. Mike Rosenblum picks up his T6! Mike Sims and his custom S6! Roger Knight picks up his left-handed CSA!
SUB-1 Ament Seung Jin Lee with s6 and CSA Steve B and Rick with SWR Amp Warren Cuccurullo
Jeff Ament and his SUB-1 (MTV). Mr. Lee Steve Boulanger gives Rick an SWR SM900 amp... Warren Cuccurullo and his S6; also owns a T6 - these are his main instruments. John Modell owns
a custom S6!
Carlo Tanori and
his SUB-1














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