Pictures of some classic Carruthers Guitars and Basses from the not-so-recent and recent past!

cl_acna1 cl_acsa1 cl_acsa2 cl_cb5a1 cl_cb5a2 cl_cb5b1 cl_cb5b2 cl_customa1
An early ACN! An early ACS! Back of the ACS Older Style CB5 Back of the CB5 Another CB5 Back of the CB5 Longhorn...
cl_customb1 cl_customb2 cl_customc1 cl_customd1 cl_jzza1 cl_jzzb1 cl_jzzb2 cl_jzzc1
This is a wild one! Here's the back Super custom Look at this one Jazz Box Another... Back Bew Jazzy!
cl_jzzc2 cl_mandoa1 cl_mandoa2 cl_mandoa3 cl_mandoa4 cl_mandoa5 cl_mandoa6 cl_s6a1
Back of Jazzy A 12-String
Back of the
Side of the
Body closup.
Jim Fox has
one too!
Mando Mando Early S6
cl_s6b1 cl_s6c1 cl_s6d1 cl_s6e1 cl_s6f1 cl_s6f2 cl_s6g1 cl_s6h1
Metalzone S6 Beauty! Custom Inlay Another S6 Custom S6 Inlays! I can see the
f-in music!
Super Cool
cl_s6h2 cl_s6i1 cl_s6j1 cl_sub1a1 cl_sub1a2 cl_sub1a3 cl_t6a1 cl_t6a2
Back of Super Cool Strung-up
Hot Shot 6-String SUB-1 6-String SUB-1 6-String SUB-1 Psychedelic The Back.
The End.






















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