Pictures of the Carruthers CB4, CB5, and SUB-1 Basses.                                         Return to main gallery page.

cb4a1 cb4a2 cb4a3 cb4b1 cb4b2 cb4b3 cb4b4 cb4b5
CB4-1 CB4 -2 CB4-3 CB4-4 CB4-5 CB5-5 CB5-6 CB5-7
cb5a1 cb5a2 cb5a3 cb5a4 cb5b1 cb5b2 cb5b3 cb5b4
CB5-1 CB5-2 CB5-3 CB5-4 CB5-5 CB5-6 CB5-7 CB5-8
cb5c1 cb5c2 cb5c3 cb5d1 cb5e1 cb5e2 cb5e3 cb5e4
CB5-9 CB5-10 CB5-11 CB5-12 CB4-6 CB4-7 CB4-8 CB4-9
sub1a1 sub1a2 sub1a3 sub1b1 sub1b2 sub1b3    
SUB1-1 SUB1-2 SUB1-3 SUB1-4 SUB1-5 SUB1-6