A small view into the making of an ACN - Carruthers Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Guitar.                        Return to main gallery page.

Back of a newly painted Carruthers ACN A beautiful Carruthers ACN Body Final buffing of a Carruthers ACN Neck Preparation for Assembly of the Carruthers ACN Installing the neck onto the Carruthers ACN John Carruthers machining precision parts This is where the part goes Now for the Carruthers ACN Harness
acnbuild1 acnbuild2 acnbuild3 acnbuild4 acnbuild5 acnbuild6 acnbuild7 acnbuild8
Assembling the electronics of the Carruthers ACN Measuring with an accurate caliper. Almost there! Preparing for the piezo installation on the ACN John Carruthers using his metal lathe The fit is so tight screws aren't necessary to hold this neck!    
acnbuild9 acnbuild10 acnbuild11 acnbuild12 acnbuild13 acnbuild14